Tuesday, March 30, 2004

more NYC tidbits. get ready.

i got to know john pope a lot better over this trip and i am really pleased that he and i got to bond in the backseat of the minivan. (that sounded weird...it wasn't like that) even though i was supposed to be sleeping, he kept talking and i learned A LOT about him. he is one cool cat.

there were so many stairs to walk up and down in new york. i knew the church we were staying at had TONS (82 up to our room) of stairs, but i had no idea that the rest of the city would be the same way. i seriously think i lost weight. too bad i won't keep it off here in dayton. :0)

my favorite ministering part was working with tianna. she is a little girl i met at the living waters afterschool program. she'd probably kill me if she knew i was referring to her as a little girl. :0) anyway, we bonded over a game of trouble during our first thirty minutes at the center and i got to spend time with her both times we were there. at one point we talked briefly about God. she's definitely not a Christian and only prays to God when she thinks she's really screwed up and needs to get out of an emergency. she said "oh God" at one point and then apologized to me and said she was going to have to go home and pray. i asked her if she did that a lot and she said, "no, only in emergencies like these." apparently using the Lord's name in vain will send you straight to hell and that is quite an emergency.

working in the clothes closet was also a highlight for me. we had to go through and sort all these men and women's clothing into sizes and label them. even though we didn't get to actually work with any of the homeless people, i felt really useful getting to set up the closet so they could use it more easily.

the empire state building was as cool as i thought it would be. i took too many pictures from the top and was madly disappointed that you don't get cell phone reception from way up there.

little italy has GOOD food.

the statue of liberty looks really small from the staten island ferry. it is also difficult to get a good close up of her. this is sad.

that's all for now. i am hoping to post some pics directly on here once my favorite computer guy helps me host them. :0) (i will then owe him even more baked goods...sigh)

oh! on a COMPLETELY different and random note...i REALLY want this CD. that girl is just awesome. you can listen to 30 second clips here at the fine wal-mart website and i highly suggest you do so. you'll be hooked as well.

and now, it is time to go into the wild blue yonder...