Monday, March 29, 2004

josh pointed out to me tonite that i missed this shirt at the NBC store in new york. that's a shame because if i had seen it, i would have complained about how i couldn't buy it, but then taken a picture of it, because i totally couldn't have afforded it. :0)

so, where have i been? let's begin with the friday before i went out of town, that would be friday, march 19th. the only thing that went rite the entire day was that i got up on time and made it to work early. why was the day so bad? well, not only was it the last day before the mission trip (aka CHAOS time) but, my dearest friend jimmy lewis fell and broke his ankle. and we're not talking a little ouchy break here, we're talking broken-in-five-places-i'm-facing-the-wrong-way broken. this completely throws me off personally because it means not only can jimmy come in and help with all the prep for the mission trip, but he can't even GO on the trip. not only that, but i couldn't leave work to go visit him in the hospital or be there for him when he got out of surgery. so, my best friend was in major pain and watching his life get turned completely upside down and i couldn't be there for him. that sucked. a lot. fortunately for me, the students involved in crosswalk are AWESOME and many of them came in and helped out and made the day WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY, WAY more bearable. friday was one of those days when you realize what a chicken with his head cut off feels like. i actually had to multi-task and talked on the phone more than i ever wanted to. i did feel like a mature and responsible adult, but also an extremely stressed out one. anyway, the day kept going with no relief and i got no sleep before i left my house at 4:15 in the morning to meet at wright state.
i shall leave updates for the trip for another post. it's just too much for rite now. but that's a brief run down of the situation leading up to the trip. for now, i'm excited i'm back in dayton and thrilled that i FINALLY got to see my jimmy tonite. i have missed him A LOT!!!!

i shall now head towards bed and rest and maybe i'll wake up with a voice. :0)