Friday, March 12, 2004

jimmy is totally house-sitting at the dills this weekend. this makes me VERY happy!!! because that means that we get to just hang out at their awesome house with their awesome dogs. but while i'm thinking about it...click here to see what all i do here in dayton. :0) those pics are priceless i tell you. PRICELESS.

i recognize that i haven't posted anything of substance lately and i apologize. hopefully i will be able to rectify this situation shortly. maybe even this weekend. but until then, just to let a certain phil know...OBU smells like fall and hamburgers and freshly cut grass and flowers blooming. and i know that you're not pregnant. :0) KCATHY OVERBY, however, is expecting a bundle of joy with her lovely husband benjamin sometime this summer. (i think june.)

alrite, i think it's krispy kreme time. see y'all later!!!!