Monday, March 01, 2004

i enjoyed hoover's thoughts on "the passion of the Christ." you should go check it out.

i think i'm posting for just for the sake of posting. as if i need to keep this little blog chug-chug-chugging along for some unknown reason. i've lost a bit of the blog passion, you know? the desire to write about myself and my (currently) boring life just isn't there. but i figure if i keep posting even when i don't feel like it, i'll bore people to death and they'll stop reading my blog and so by the time i get back that loving feeling, no one will read this anymore. mwuhahahaha. what a GREAT plan!

i went to an oscar party last nite and failed miserably at guessing who was going to win. just like i failed miserably at socializing. nobody (and when i say "nobody," i mean no one other than the select few media geeks who already know and love me for my quirkiness and talk to me out of pity) talked to me and i made very little effort to be social in return, because i totally turned into shy and insecure lillian. so i wound up feeling like a big loser with no social or pop culture sensitivies. i did, however, leave with a nifty blue truck emblazoned with shaggy's likeness on the bed. yay for scooby-doo. i only got the prize because other people had left, but i'm AOK with that. because i love shaggy. :0) i, however, did not emerge with a good time or new acquaitances. maybe i'll have better luck next time i crash a party.

note for those of you who care: i've kicked two luminas and feel loads better. thanks.