Tuesday, March 09, 2004

food for thought:
if a car is covered with pinkish/red lips, does that make it a girl or a boy? because we've all assumed that this car is a girl. but then last nite, this car mysteriously appeared with large girly lips all over it. so does that mean a woman kissed the car? does this make the car a lesbian? or a cross dresser? or have we just been assuming that the car was the wrong gender all together? i'm so confused. :sigh:

in other news: jimmy lewis is the coolest missionary ever. he's fun, he's fresh, and he's fine. he loves cats too, which is AWESOME. but above all, he's the bestest friend a girl could ask for here in frigid dayton, oh. what would i do without him??? be bored and unhappy, that's what! so yay for jimmy! in fact, let's go ahead and make it official and declare today "YAY FOR JIMMY" day. so be sure to let jimmy know how wonderful he is today!!!

and now, i must work. later.