Tuesday, March 02, 2004

average joe: hawaii ended last nite. thank goodness, because it was AWFUL. seriously, give me a break people. she dated fabio. FABIO. who cares? what's the big deal? for those of you who missed it, here's the recap. larissa picked the hottie over the average joe. shock. gasp. i know. anyway, they jet off to be happy ever after and then she reveals the big secret that the commercials have been touting for a week now. i was expecting her to have once been a man or maybe have a kid or be divorced or a lesbian or something. nope. nothing like that. she dated fabio. so the hottie got all mad and kept saying "any guy in america would feel the same way" and left angry. so she was left alone and rejected, while the wonderful average joe was left in boston not knowing that he had been rejected by a fabio reject. eesh. i have absolutely NO idea why it was such a big deal to date fabio, maybe it's because i'm a girl, i don't know. because i seriously don't understand how that's a big enough deal break up with someone. especially someone who you think is beautiful and want to date. oy. reality tv men. anyone who can clear this up for me, please respond. i obviously need a lot of help.

dream of bed bugs tonite! :snore: