Friday, February 13, 2004

wow, i had no idea my post of what care bear i am would be so controversial. bitter enemies are being formed as i type. craziness.

tomorrow, i think i'm going to post a little something, something about valentine's day...the most hated day of the year. i hate, hate, hate being alone on the big v-day. it just makes me feel like a loser...you know, i'm not good enough for anybody to want me, so i might as well be dead or something. ok, i know that's being overly dramatic, but it does my sense of aloneness very acute. >sigh<

but for now, i'm going to enjoy friday the 13th. i have considered renting the original movie just because it's kinda stupid. and after all, it's his mom that's killing people, and that's just cool.

oh, and yay for jimmy, even though he hates these rumors about him liking me, he did drive all over dayton to get me a grumpy bear for valentine's day. now, is that a friend or what? it's really cute and part of a cuddle pair. isn't it adorable? he also managed to get me care bear playing cards and a little post it note thingy in the shape of my name...you know those cute little ones that only cost $2 that i'm too cheap to buy? yep...jimmy definitely wins the friend of the year award for 2004. good for him. so congratulations big jim. :0)