Monday, February 16, 2004

well yesterday (note: still feels like today) was my first foray into the media team at apex community church. technically it was a part of kid's town, but whatever, i was so doing media.
and what type of media, you ask? after all, you say, there is a variety of media used at apex. which one did you do lillian? did you run sound? the lighting board? media shout (which has been so eloquently described as power point on steroids)?
nope. i did something much better, something that required skill, endurance, and finesse. i ran the teleprompter. i know, doesn't it just sound cool? after all, newscasters and miss america hosts read from teleprompters. they are necessary for the world to go round and i was running it in my tiny little corner in dayton, oh. so i was expecting to be trained in ways that you wouldn't believe. you know, get an abbreviated history of the teleprompter complete with diagrams and sounds. maybe even a course on creating teleprompter technology of my own. no. none of that. not even a little bit of a courtesy rundown of how computer work. you know what they taught me? they taught me how to scroll. yes, you read right. they taught me how to scroll. now, i'm not technologically sufficient in any way, shape, or form. i have plenty of reasons to doubt my ability in this area, but scrolling? come on people, i've been scrolling since before you were born.
so i had a good 45 minutes to kill before the service started and that was an awesome time to spend journaling in the balcony. that was good. the scrolling, not so good. i don't think i flubbed it, mind you. but i just felt so...so...DUMB. the other guys in the bat booth were doing complicated things that required several simultaneous thought processes and i was...scrolling. just the dumb girl in the corner with a mouse. oy. but i did enjoy the kid's town service and am now aspiring to be one of the silly girls on stage doing easy choreography and singing fun songs. but for now, i hope that my scrolling abilities will be used to serve God and His church. talk about feeling like an eyebrow in the body of Christ. not really useful, but you look a little funny without it. but hey, those parts which are least presentable we treat with special courtesy. woo-hoo! since that's the virtue of the month at kid's town, i should be good to go.

and now for a completely random and useless picture of a lot of care bears.

thank you and good nite.