Saturday, February 07, 2004

tonite, mis amigos and i decided to watch S.W.A.T.. that's a GREAT movie full of action, violence, and hot guys. what more could a girl ask for? fortunately for me, i get to see a hottie everyday, and his name is jimmy lewis. if you're curious as to what he looks like, here's a pic of him. and you know, i got to thinking, i bet my faithful fans would like to see what i look like. unfortunately, i don't have a picture of me to put up, so this will have to do for now. people say i look like her ALL the time. i mean, it's really annoying having to avoid the autograph hounds and the good for nothing paparazzi here in dayton. do i look like i'm married to michael douglas? i don't think so.

yay for sarcasm.

other than that, i got nothing. so i'm out.

peace, yo