Wednesday, February 25, 2004

today was another ouachita day. it wasn't TOO cold and the sun was shining and it just smelled yummy outside of wright state. and any time wsu smells good, you know it's gotta be a good day. :0) and what made it even better was that it smelled kinda southern. and so i was once again transported to that happy little place called arkadelphia. a place showered with purple and gold and tigers and baptists. oh, to go back.

last nite, i went to kid's town rehearsal at apex, ready to work on my mad crazy scrolling skills and maybe finally learn those little song and dance things. but i didn't get to scroll or dance. i had to act. yes, you read that rite. i had to ACT. me. lillian beth magee. the WORST actress EVER. i make britney spears look oscar-worthy. and i didn't get cast as just another kid. or even the boring story teller lady. i get to be a grandma. and it's not a one-time only affair, i now have a recurring role. and i can't act! so, if you live in the dayton area, you should come to apex and watch for a blonde girl called polly esther in a ridiculously pink outfit with an ugly hat and bad accent. yep, i gave her an accent. the only grandmas i know are southern, so i decided to make polly as southern as possible. oy. hopefully the kids will be distracted by my hat and flower. and accent.

in other news, i've decided that i may never get over a certain boy who lives in a certain city and who broke a certain heart. (namely mine.) so if you have any "getting over it" advice, i'd really appreciate it. b/c seriously, this is ridiculous. i'm ready to put on my boots (they're made for walking, after all) and walk all over him. but instead, i find myself singing "my immortal" and tearing up everytime i see a freaking lumina. hello, my name is PATHETIC. at least i've managed to get away from the dixie chicks phase (which is the worst part of the grieving process), but i still seem to be in a rut. please keep all comments that include "just pray about it," "just trust in God," and Jeremiah 29:11 to yourself. been there, done that, need something more sincere, practical, and lil-specific. not that praying, trusting in God, and reading the Bible are bad things, but just a flippant 3-word bumper sticker response makes me feel worse because that makes it sound like it's just a really simple, easy answer and i'm the proverbial bad Christian for struggling and not moving on like it's a quick fix.

and now, i shall bow out. for this post has been long and random and kinda dumb. and besides, it's almost time to read some john piper and watch the season finale of the bachelorette.