Tuesday, February 03, 2004

oh my word, this picture of orlando bloom is so cute, i decided to just put it on my post so that you could all see it without having to click to somewhere else.

hubba hubba, that's what i've got to say about it. :0)

and for you average joe:hawaii fans out there, last nite's episdode rocked and it may just prove to be better than the original after all. but we'll see...only time will tell.

i also want to dispel any rumors that jimmy and i are romantically involved. no. no. no. there is no torrid, passionate affair. there is no love and there are no warm fuzzies. please, for the love of everything good and rite in this world, remember, jimmy and i are not dating. don't listen to what anyone else may tell you. i am telling the truth. b/c i would know. b/c i'm me and he's him and i know both of us. no love. none. bad. not good. eh-eh. i don't think so. nada. why do people think these things? geez!