Monday, February 23, 2004

it's late and i should be in bed, but i feel as though i should share something really important that i just learned. it simply cannot wait until morning.
cats can open doors.
yes, you read that correctly. cats can open doors. i was just in the little girls' room doing, ahem, what you do in that particular room, when the door opens. not all the way, like swinging wide open, but much more open than it should be. and i know that paul and abby are in bed and that it's really unlike them to not knock first, and that's when i see it. a little yellow-ish paw reaching into the room. yes, TC was ready to come in the bathroom. and come in he did. he burrowed his little face into that wedge and opened the door practically the entire way with his large body and waddled in to talk to me and demand petting. i was in shock. what the junk was TC doing in the bathroom? and after he walked around a few times, he went back outside and waited for me to come out, with just his tail in view in the hallway. it was as if he was saying, 'hurry up!' but why? his litter box is downstairs. he doesn't use the toilet. he'd fall in if he tried. and then i remember, the other day, i got out of the shower and the door was open. i thought i just hadn't closed it all the way, but now i know. a cat opened the door while i was showering. TC is AFTER me! and if he can open doors, then what stops him from weilding a knife? i could be the next "psycho"-esque victim, only this time it's a cat and not a crazy cross-dressing man.
so beware my feline-friendly readers. you could be next. if you don't want your cat invading your personal space, LOCK the door. this will deter them, at least for now. but i'm sure it will only take time before they learn to pick locks too. oy.