Friday, February 20, 2004

i'm going down to louisville this weekend for the "give me an answer" collegiate conference. i'm pretty excited about it, but i really have no idea what to expect either. all i know is that i'm gonna go and learn some stuff. what? i have no clue. hopefully i will open up my ears and heart so i can realize what God wants me to learn. you ever have that nagging feeling like you're missing something? yeah, rite there, rite now. so i'm thinking this weekend, will be a great chance to get some intellectual stimulation, as well as some spiritual awakening. :0) we shall see...

song of the day: everybody's fool by evanescence. they're just great. so talented.

hopefully i'll have more time to post later on this weekend. i have some thoughts that are just burning in my head that need to get out. and that's what blogs are for, rite?

dream of bed bugs! :snore: