Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i miss college. for those of you who don't know, i went to the BEST school ever, ouachita baptist university. (and if you're wondering, it's pronounced WASH-i-TAH.)
anyway, it's located in the bustling metropolis of arkadelphia, ar and let me tell you, there was no better place on earth to be from the fall of '98 to the spring of '02. i grew up a lot, learned a bunch, and generally became a better person while having lots of fun. what other school can do that? :0)
of course, it wasn't so much OBU that did it for me, as it was my friends. they were the best. and i am missing them terribly rite now. from the 5 girls i got close to my first year, to the guys who let me play nintendo and watch southpark at their apartment, to the geeky fun i had at work study (both mine and other people's), they made my ouachitonian stint worthwile. and now they are all gone. well, i guess really i left too, but we're spread out all over the country and some are married (one's expecting a child! oh my word, are we really old enough to do that?) and communication has...well...subsided. it's a bit more sporadic and not as personal sometimes, you know? why does that happen? everyone says that you make your best friends in college and i'm sure of that, but i don't want my best friends to drift off into oblivion. i don't want to get an update on their lives when i get my bi-yearly plublication of "the ouachita circle." i want us to still be a close knit group. but i have a funny feeling that this is gonna be just like high school and we won't keep in touch. and that makes me sad. because this will suck a lot worse than high school b/c i'm way closer to a lot more people from OBU.
so what am i gonna do about it? well, i'm posting this, in the hopes that they'll read it and get all nostalgic and comment. one reason i set up this blog was so i wouldn't have to send out all those annoying mass e-mails. but alas, i'm afraid they don't read this and so i'll probably have to send a mushy, blubbering, "i love you guys!" speech via the internet soon and very soon.
but until then, i'm gonna keep dreaming of margarita nites, tipping over snack machines, dancing to ace of base, making waffle house runs, discussing literature and relationships into the wee hours of the nite, and calling those hogs.