Wednesday, February 04, 2004

i have nothing to post about today. at least not yet, but i feel the need to post everyday. why? i'm not sure. i guess i just feel like there's some people out there who read my blog everyday and are crushed when they check and realize i haven't posted. you know, they click on "iceegirl.blogspot.com" with earnest anticipation and then see the same post and think, "aw man! no new post! what's up with that, yo?" (alrite, so that probably doesn't happen, but i like to think it does.) so to my faithful fans, here's at least one post for today. enjoy! :0) (wow, do i sound conceited, i promise this is tongue in cheek, i promise!)
but since i know this post is so inadequate, here's a fun little game to cheer you up! it's good times, i promise.