Thursday, February 05, 2004

alrite, so i don't know this guy but he's hilarious. i've figured out from his posts that he's from texas and a law student. and that's about it. since he's a southern boy i feel okay promoting him on my blog, even though he is from texas, the bane of my existence. but i'm willing to put my prejudice against texans aside (after all, some of my BEST friends hail from texas now...i love cliches) and promote this guy who's name, i think, is adam...or hoover...or something. anyway, enjoy this blog...take the time to read his seeminly long posts. they're hilarious and will hopefully brighten your day just like it has mine. :0) (everyone in unison "awwwwww!") but please, do NOT compare his blog to mine. then you'll see that mine is terrible and is a waste of your time and you should only read his blog and laugh mercilessly at mine. don't do that. enjoy my blog independently of his. please.